The increase of firearm-related violence in Sweden


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The last victim was 16-year-old Ahmed Obaid. Violent crime in Malmo has declined since 2017, when a total of 58 bombs exploded and 81 shootings took place in the region. But there's still a long way to go until it loses its reputation for Demonstrators burn tyres during a riot in the Rosengard neighbourhood of Malmo, Sweden August 28, 2020. (TT News Agency via Reuters) On Friday, violence erupted in the Swedish city of Malmo where over 300 people had gathered to protest against anti-Islam activities. “How Muslim Migration Made Malmo, Sweden A Crime Capital,” blares the Daily Wire.

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Things to do in Malmö include visiting its city centre parks and attractions - and, of course, strolling its beautiful cobbled street areas. Malmö Pride, Malmö. 2,905 likes · 107 talking about this · 183 were here. Malmö Pride är en ideell förening som förvaltar och utvecklar den årligt återkommande festivalen Malmö Pride.

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Your report is important to ensure that crime statistics are accurate. It helps the police to identify trends and tendencies in society as well as to inform on, and prevent crime. Police in the multicultural southern Swedish city of Malmö say that the murder rate has fallen since 2018 because many gang leaders are behind bars.

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Malmö Pride är en ideell förening som förvaltar och utvecklar den årligt återkommande festivalen Malmö Pride. Malmö Pride, Malmö. 2,924 likes · 88 talking about this · 183 were here. Malmö Pride är en ideell förening som förvaltar och utvecklar den årligt återkommande festivalen Malmö Pride. 2014-04-06 The current U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory at the date of this report’s publication assesses Sweden at Level 1, indicating travelers should exercise normal precautions.. Overall Crime and Safety Situation.

Malmo sweden crime

The crime report encompasses more than 18,000 city and state law enforcement agencies reporting data on property and violent crimes.
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Malmo sweden crime

Sweden is under assault, with its residents enduring frequent bombings, hand grenade attacks, murders, and shootings. Last year, there were 257 bomb attacks, following 162 the year before. With a population of just 10 million, that would be the equivalent of more than 1,600 bomb attacks being carried out annually here in Britain.

2017-02-23 According to the Swedish Council for Crime Prevention (BRÅ), violent crime rates are not significantly higher in the eastern district of Malmö, which includes Rosengård. This is true whether the point of focus is violent crime including aggravated assault, sexual offences, drug offences or theft and robbery.
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A collaborative model in Malmö for victims of domestic violence]. to produce gender equality: Judicial discourses in the Swedish criminal legal system.

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Luckily for the rest of us, Sweden has quite an excellent crime reporting website, helpfully offered in both Swedish and English. Here are the crime rates in recent years for Sweden’s three biggest when u search for "immigrants in malmo" on youtube and google. There are sooo scary things, like rape, bruglar, murder etc. Also I read that 43% of people in Malmo are immigrants However, owing to the wars of Charles XII of Sweden (reigned 1697–1718) and to bubonic plague epidemics, the population dropped to 1,500 by 1727.

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Im a solo traveler. Is Malmo dangerous? I read on the news that there are many immigrants and it is very dangerous city. Is that true?

According to data released this month by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, there were 257 crimes involving explosives in the country last year, a 60% rise on 2018. Gangland Bombings increased significantly in 2015, with Swedish police investigating around 100–150 explosions. There were over 30 explosions reported in the Swedish city of Malmö alone by August 2015, up from a total of 25 in all of 2014.